JSC SKATT has the right to form lists of tourists on a visa-free exchange between Russia and China according to the Intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China on a visa-free exchange of tourist groups. It is the fastest and cheap way to open the visa in the Russian Federation.
The group visa opens only for citizens of China, in the presence of group from 5 people, on condition of entrance and departure of group in Russia and from Russia in the same dates and the cities.

  • Group visas to China aren't made out separately from round
  • Cost separately doesn't pay off and is included in the round price
  • A term of documents – in five working days prior to a departure.

* you can get air flight with round or is independent

Necessary information for drawing up visa-free lists:
1. Flight data (date of a departure and arrival, number of flights, departure time)
2. Passport data (are provided in Latin)
• surname and name
• date of birth
• the birthplace (as in the international passport)
• number of the international passport
• date of issue and expiration date of action of the international passport


The tourist invitation for citizens of China

The invitation is made out for the citizens of China staying to Russia with the tourist purposes (rest and acquaintance with monuments of culture and the history Russian Federation) and serves for receiving a tourist visa for a period of up to 30 days.
The tourist invitation is made out on the form of travel agency, directly by the most travel agency. Term of registration of such invitation the fastest.
The invitation for receiving a tourist visa represents the contract between travel agency and the citizen of China for rendering tourist service, and consists of two parts: tourist voucher and confirmation on reception of the foreign tourist.
It is necessary to provide for registration of the invitation:
- the scanned first page of the passport;
- flight data;
- a trip route, with the indication of names of hotels.
At the request for a tourist visa, can also demand from the citizen of China confirmation of armor of hotel and the health insurance.


Registration of the tourist invitation for citizens of China

Frequency rate and period of validity of the invitation

Registration term

Cost, (rub)

Single, for 30 days

2 working days


Информация о стоимости туров, представленная на сайте и в ценовых предложениях, предназначена для юридических и физических лиц, носит информативный характер и не является публичной офертой. Для получения точной информации по стоимости туров и туруслуг в рублях, пожалуйста, обращайтесь в наши офисы продаж или по телефону (383) 22-22-056
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