One of the oldest restaurants of Novosibirsk is located in the heart of our city. Nearby convenient traffic intersection and spacious parking. Narymsky Square is visible from windows of restaurant.

Interior design emphasizes the status and style of an institution, all details of an interior perfectly are in harmony and supplement each other.

In a hall with comfort will take place to 150 guests.

    The restaurant «Skomorokhi» is:
  • traditions and innovation
  • Siberian hospitality and faultless service
  • dishes of home cuisine
  • it is possible to take pleasure, both Russian, and European cuisine.
  • in the evenings live music sounds, the professional DJ works,
  • free Wi-Fi.

Truly yours,
Irina Druzhinina,
Travel company «SCATT»,
street Red prospectus, 47, Novosibirsk, Siberia, 630091,
(383) 222-20-56,

We wish you pleasant travel!


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