The interior of restaurant reminds the fine, long ago left era …
Carved frames of mirrors, light of the muffled lamps, the big lacy lamp shade over a table, the chairs covered by solar-beige textiles – it seems that we got to a cozy drawing room of times of Novonikolayevsk.

Feeling it amplifies if to start considering the photos decorating the hall. In gallery of portraits – and the statesmen who played an important role in the history of our city and ordinary citizens of which life actually also there was this history.

At restaurant you will be pleased by a variety: classical snack, dishes of the Russian, European and Jewish cuisines.

There comes evening – and the mood in "the City of N" changes, especially when live music starts sounding. Sounds of a violin or saxophone, accordion or piano – charming and attracting, they call to be disconnected from vanity and to take pleasure in the fine evening. It can be a traditional musical drawing room and modern dancing-parties.

Truly yours,
Irina Druzhinina,
Travel company «SCATT»,
street Red prospectus, 47, Novosibirsk, Siberia, 630091,
(383) 222-20-56,

We wish you pleasant travel!


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