The restaurant is in close proximity to metro station Gagarinskaya.

The room is broken into zones by columns which capitals are illuminated by warm light that recreates the chamber atmosphere of a medieval wineshop where walls are laid out by a natural stone and are decorated by wooden kegs.

Professional musicians act in an institution in the evenings. Creating visitors great mood, at the most hospitable restaurant of Novosibirsk romances and popular smash hits, classical hits and rhythms of a foreign platform sound.

At your service:

  • the rich menu with dishes of the Russian, east and European cuisine;
  • the banquet room is designed for 100 people;
  • a grill halls on 25 people;
  • "Live music";
  • parking.


Truly yours,
Irina Druzhinina,
Travel company «SCATT»,
street Red prospectus, 47, Novosibirsk, Siberia, 630091,
(383) 222-20-56,

We wish you pleasant travel!


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